Latest Scores:
meganmac got 3931 in Tetris at 2017-01-02 22:38:46. (Beat that score now!)
kreggar got 736 in Snake at 2016-11-17 21:30:53. (Beat that score now!)
emiw got 268894 in Tetris at 2016-08-03 19:33:51. (Beat that score now!)
iamaminja got 810 in Break Out at 2016-06-24 12:59:10. (Beat that score now!)
karsonthompson got 3550 in Pacman at 2016-06-22 07:22:57. (Beat that score now!)

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Top Players
Wondering how this list is determined? Want to know how your score was found? Read on....

Each time you play a game, your score is recorded. If you play well, you may find yourself ranking in the top ten for a particular game. When you make it to the top ten for a game, you start accumulating a sitewide score. If you have first place for a game, you just got 10 points added to your sitewide score. Second place? 9 points. I think you get the picture. So basically, the higher you rank in a game, and the more games you rank in, the higher your sitewide score. That sitewide score is what you see next to the names in this list. The list is in realtime, so it is always up to date. Work hard, and you may find yourself the Top Player on this site!