Dessert Night is Back!

After four months of silence the dessert night circuit is back in action.

USU Spy Plane Takes Flight

USU students design and construct new spy plane that could save the airline industry millions in fuel costs. Nate Bunderson tells his story....

Glenwood #24 Wins First Ever Dessert Contest Championship

They came, they saw, they performed a country song routine, they conquered. Glenwood #24 - comprised of Janelle Christensen, Melita Stringham, Jessica Rockwood, Sarah Henrie, Erin Hill, Liz Bush, and Annie Pinkham emerged as Utah State's first ever Dessert Contest Champions last Thursday. Combining an excellent dessert with an equally excellent presentation proved to be too much for the challengers - Darwin #1 and Glenwood #3.

Camel Spiders invade Baghdad...

From someone stationed in Baghdad.
And you guys whine about Hobo spiders!!!!!!!

Cute little critters, aren't they?

True Aggie Tradition Continues this Friday!

Kiss and Tell
That's the game. If you want to kiss and be able to brag about it, then Friday could be your night. Students at Utah State may not know the history but they know the tradition, and almost every college in Utah has copied the famed Aggies (not to mention BYU stealing the Aggie blue)?
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