Creative College Funding

A current auction on Ebay offers up a lifetime kickback on earnings for putting up $100,000 to pay for college.

The auction claims that Ron Steen will pay 2% of his annual earnings to anyone willing to give $100,000 towards his college education. His stated major is communications, and says he estimates his lifetime earnings at $30 million dollars.

While you have to admire his ambition, a potential investor would have to laugh at the promised payoff.

Utah company uses student directory to spam USU students

A Utah-based company, operated by a BYU student, obtained email addresses of Utah State University students from the printed USU student directory by typing them into a list, and then sending a message to everyone on that list. USU computer services confirmed that over the weekend approximately 15,000 emails from the same company were received by student and staff inboxes in just a few short minutes.

It's been done to some degree before by local businesses, over-zealous candidates for ASUSU office and unintential mailings or technical errors. What differed here was the scope of the mailing, affecting every email address contained in the recent edition of the USU student directory.

"Hot" iPods - hot in the criminal sense...

The USU bookstore is not just for books. Clothing, supplies, music and even the incredibly popular iPod are found there - all available for sale...or theft. The Herald Journal reported that nearly $20,000 worth of iPods are missing or have been stolen from the Bookstore...

So long and thanks for all the fish(bowl) memories...

With the demise of the Utah State University Merrill library, comes the end of over forty years of student experiences in the building. One such memory is of the "Fishbowl", a large communal study area located on the third floor of the library. Granted, very little study occured there...

Hot Dog does what NCAA selection team didn't

- deny USU an NCAA tournament appearance, or at least nearly so :-) Sometime this morning, a bomb-sniffing dog triggered on a hot dog cart in the San Diego arena that USU will be playing at. While a false alarm, it will delay USU's game until 9:30pm MST. So tune in a little later than expected!
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