TrueAggie Apartment Guide

 Utah State University students continue to make the #1 location online to find housing at USU!  Thanks, Aggies!

New Aggie Ads format

The Aggie Ads section has been updated to a simple interface.  Quickly browse, post and respond to Aggie Ads without hassle. 

 Steps to use the Aggie Ads:

  1. Register or login to
  2. Click Aggie Ads link
  3. Click Create Ad near top of page
  4. Add your title and description
  5. Be sure to choose a category
  6. Click Create Ad
  7. Upload pictures if desired updated has been updated with a new layout.  Taking cues from visitors, TrueAggie now presents the most visited content directly on the front page - Apartment guide for Logan, Utah and USU, Aggie Ads for students, and the ever popular Aggie Arcade.  Look for more games to be uploaded this week.

 Please report any problems with the new site layout to TrueAggie. 

Internet Cashier Check Scam Hits Logan, UT - AD USERS READ THIS!

Today, a USU student informed TrueAggie that they nearly fell victim to a classic internet scam involving a fake cashiers check and refund request. Other users were also contacted by this same scam artist - claiming to be in Canada, yet with an IP that traces to Turkey or Africa.

cathymauger is the offending username (now banned) - be suspicious of ANY correspondence asking to pay with a cashiers check, requesting refunds or wire transfers, or ask to send money out of the country. Read the rest of the story for more information and updates, and how to protect yourself from similar scams...

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