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"Hot" iPods - hot in the criminal sense...

Posted by NCmlnr on Apr 05, 2006 - 06:33 PM

News about USU

The USU bookstore is not just for books. Clothing, supplies, music and even the incredibly popular iPod are found there - all available for sale...or theft. The Herald Journal reported that nearly $20,000 worth of iPods are missing or have been stolen from the Bookstore...
Ranging from $150-$400 dollars, that's quite a few stolen iPods. Well, 18 considered stolen, says the HJ news, with at least another 43 or so still missing.

How do you "lose" 61 iPods? It makes one wonder how much other stuff is routinely stolen from there. And the culprits? Skyview high school students. Now, of course, Bookstore patrons are forced to view only a floor model while the rest of the iPods are hidden away from roaming bands of theiving students. Utah ranks high on the rate of music piracy...and its now lead down the slippery slope to music device theft! :-)



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