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So long and thanks for all the fish(bowl) memories...

Posted by NCmlnr on Mar 29, 2006 - 04:10 PM

News about USU

With the demise of the Utah State University Merrill library, comes the end of over forty years of student experiences in the building. One such memory is of the "Fishbowl", a large communal study area located on the third floor of the library. Granted, very little study occured there...

The glassed in room and adjacent lobby transformed into an all-hours social club - a club with backpacks on every shoulder and open books beside every patron in the pretense of looking studious. Rarely if ever was there a "shhh" or calls for quiet. On the third floor, only the desks and darkened stalls amid rows of stacked books offered refuge from the laughter and deluge of flirtaceous activity of the "Fishbowl".

Rather than a place to grudglingly digest stale textbooks, the "Fishbowl" offered one of the best places on campus to meet up with friends, meet new friends. And well, you were in the library, right? So time spent could be chalked up to "studying". So long Merrill, and thanks for all the fish(bowl) memories...



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