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Glenwood #24 Wins First Ever Dessert Contest Championship

Posted by shanet112 on Apr 24, 2004 - 06:14 PM

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They came, they saw, they performed a country song routine, they conquered. Glenwood #24 - comprised of Janelle Christensen, Melita Stringham, Jessica Rockwood, Sarah Henrie, Erin Hill, Liz Bush, and Annie Pinkham emerged as Utah State's first ever Dessert Contest Champions last Thursday. Combining an excellent dessert with an equally excellent presentation proved to be too much for the challengers - Darwin #1 and Glenwood #3.
All three finalists should be commended for their overall dessertmanship. Over 150 people (possibly around 200) were in attendance and the Dessert Committee would like to thank all of you for your support. It was a perfect climax for the inaugural Dessert Contest season.

The Dessert Contest Committee is currently checking over its bylaws and is considering forming an official Utah State Dessert Club. This would give us more advertising opportunities, possibly some funding, and also provide us with bigger accomodations if attendance numbers became too great for our humble apartment. Our only objection is that we don't want to lose the hometown feel of the current setup. Any suggestions by the Dessert Contest faithful would be greatly appreciated by the committee.

Season 2 begins next fall, most likely on the second Thursday of first semester. Stay tuned to trueaggie.com for updates.

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