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True Aggie Tradition Continues this Friday!

Posted by aggieadmin on Apr 13, 2004 - 10:59 PM

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Kiss and Tell
That's the game. If you want to kiss and be able to brag about it, then Friday could be your night. Students at Utah State may not know the history but they know the tradition, and almost every college in Utah has copied the famed Aggies (not to mention BYU stealing the Aggie blue)?
Becoming a True Aggie at Utah State is simple enough. Candidates are required to stand atop the A at midnight under a full moon and pucker up for another who has already been made a True Aggie, and so the title gets passed down from one person to another.

Some students are neutral on the subject, ?If it happens great, if it doesn?t, even better,? said Kylee Winzeler.

The tradition began in 1916 when the President of the University declared that there would ?be no clubs on campus.? A group of students from Utah State started the Be-Noes to protest the wishes of the University. To become an official member of the Be-No Club a young man had to stand in the clock tower and kiss a willing young woman under a full moon at the stroke of midnight. The ritual quickly spread across the entire campus and soon the state of Utah.

The traditions continues, and on two nights this year it doesn?t matter if the person you?re kissing is already a True Aggie. Some years as many as 2,000 couples stand on or near the A kissing at midnight. This Friday will be no different, but if you want to get close to the A find your girl at the dance early and head to the A - A.S.A.P.!

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