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Dessert Night Championship Thursday the 15th

Posted by shanet112 on Apr 10, 2004 - 02:01 PM

Local Events

The Dessert Contest got its humble beginnings in the small town of Prairie Grove, Illinois. Originally founded by Layne Thompson, the Dessert Contest now has a national following due to...
...its recent emergence in Logan, Utah. Every Thursday at 9:00pm, anywhere from 100-150 people show up to Glenwood Apartments (#8) to participate. One apartment is selected by the Dessert Contest Committee and is given the privilege of making and then presenting a dessert. All those in attendance then eat and score it on a scale from 1-10. All Aggie faithful are invited. After 12 arduous weeks of competition, the Dessert Contest Championship will be held this Thursday at 9:00pm at Glenwood Apartments #8 (649 E. 800 N.). The top three dessert makers of the past 12 weeks will be participating in the championship. The following are the top three apartments with their regular season dessert score: 1. Darwin #1 (Creamy Christina)..........................8.937 2. Glenwood #24 (Layers of Lovin').....................8.207 3. Glenwood #3/Oakridge 21E (Razzle Dazzle)....7.784 Everyone is invited this Thursday. The presentation by each apartment before they pass out their dessert is a vital part of their eventual score, so try to be on time. As extra incentive to be prompt, only the first 200 attendees for the championship are guaranteed dessert. Until Thursday, The Dessert Contest Committee Shane Thompson, Doug Timothy, Brian Smith, Dustin Farris, and Paul Timothy



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