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How do I edit my profile and picture?

First, log in. Click on the Your Account or Account links Click Edit Your Information to add info. To change the picture: Again, log in if needed Click on the Your Account or Account links Click Change Avatar This will let you choose or upload a new picture that will show in your profile, the forums, and the members list. AggieAdmin2

I would like to put an apartment in the Apartment guide...

The apartment guide is a service provided to student by TrueAggie.com. It is funded by the apartments themselves - to pay for the printing and promotion costs of the guide. If you'd like to add a property, TrueAggie.com can add it quickly to the online guide and prepare it for the next printed edition. Please contact us at service(at)trueaggie.com for any further questions so that we can get your apartments listed soon! Thank you, TrueAggie.com (remove the (at) in the email above and replace with @)

I am selling my contract for spring semester. How do i place it on this website to let people know it's for sale?

Ads for contracts for sale, contracts wanted, roommates wanted, etc. are placed in the Aggie Ads section. First, register at TrueAggie.com Once registered, click on Aggie Ads in the main menu, then My Account in the Aggie Ads menu (found in the above the categories or ad listings). Activate your Aggie Ads account (merely provides contact information for your ad) Finally, select Place an Ad and fill in the desired information. Pictures are optional - but only ads with pictures show on the front page. You can save a picture of the apartment complex if its in our guide, then re-upload it when creating your Aggie Ad. Make sure to indicate a duration. Starting in January, all Aggie Ads will be printed and posted on the board in the Taggert Student Center - making TrueAggie.com a one-stop shop for posting want ads at Utah State University.