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cheap female private room available for spring 2018 semester! animals welcome!


this room is one of three, located in the upper level of a cute yellow house off of 300 north. rent is very cheap, only $240/month (and then you split utilities and internet with the other two tenants). DISCLAIMER: before you read any further, the house does not have central air conditioning or heating. there is a furnace that the landlord is in the process of fixing, BUT if i'm being honest, a space heater (that comes with the room) has been making all the difference for me personally. turn that sucker on when you're home and the room gets toasty fast! the room i am trying to sell is the second biggest room of the three (I have a couch, desk, bed and small reclining chair all in there with room to not feel cramped.) The room also has a south-facing window so the lighting situation is good as well. There is one bathroom that is shared with the two other student tenants who live there, but they are very kind and always clean up after themselves. There is a washer and dryer located in the house which is super convenient, and there is also a large driveway and street parking to fit any vehicles you may have. for me, it takes 3-4 minutes to drive from the house to campus. no car? no problem! there is a CVTD bus stop less than two minutes walking distance from the house, and one of the current tenants choses to save on gas and just walk to campus, so that is always an option as well. ALSO, pets are allowed which is really nice for those of us with furry family members. PLEASE, feel free to text me anytime and i can answer any questions you may have and if you feel so inclined, give you a tour. :)  703-732-0187

Publish Date: Nov 11, 2017

Created by kajuneau

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