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New Nootropics Brivaracetam CAS: 357336-20-0 for Brain Health White Powder Brivaracetam

Product Description
Product name: Brivaracetam
Other name:Briviact
CAS No:357336-20-0
Molecular formula:C11H20N2O2
Molecular weight:212.29
Appearance:White or off white crystalline powder

What is Brivaracetam ?
Brivaracetam (trade name Briviact), a chemical analog of levetiracetam, is a racetam derivative with anticonvulsant(antiepileptic) properties.

Brivaracetam Used to treat:
Temporal Lobe Epilepsy
Complex Partial Seizures
Secondarily Generalized Seizures
Simple Partial Seizures

Brivaracetam Dosing:
Typical dosing instructions:
The dose usually begins at 50 mg twice a day.
It can be lowered to 25 mg twice a day for slower increases.
The dose can be increased gradually to 100 mg twice a day.
People with impaired or altered liver function are given lower doses.
The dose usually begins at 25 mg twice a day.
It may be increased to 75 mg twice a day.

Brivaracetam Side effects:
In controlled epilepsy studies, side effects happened in 68% of patients treated with the drug and 62% treated with a placebo or inactive drug. The most common side effects included:
Feeling tired, sleepy, or sedated
Nausea and vomiting
Some people may notice some problems with coordination when they feel dizzy. This may happen when the medicine is first started but can happen at any time. (see precautions)

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